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Innovative Valet Operating System Transforms Service at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Going automated

The world is always changing and the hospitality industry can only succeed if it keeps pace with every revolution. With business booming at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla., changes had to be made to accommodate the heavy use of valet parking services.

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Colonial Parking Expands Services at Philadelphia International Airport

New Operating System, Valet Options Offer More Choices to Travelers

Last year, Colonial Airport Parking (CAP), part of Colonial Parking, Inc., celebrated its 25th anniversary with a major change in operations.

The company, which serves the Philadelphia International Airport, purchased 3.5 acres and added 450 valet spaces to its location. The acquisition brought the facility’s size up to eight acres with 1,500 spaces, including its existing self-park section.

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Automated Valet unveils new geolocation based queuing system

Parking Today – October 2012

Q’d Up is a geolocation-based task management queuing system for bell desk and valet operations. The system, from the creator of Automated Valet, tracks everything and follows steps of each employee. It uses all this information to create a queue of tasks and assign them to team members.

Q’d Up work with Automated Valet’s AVPM system and all of its features.

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Automated Valet Queuing System Introduced

The Parking Professional – August 2012

Q’d Up recently released its geolocation-based task management bell desk/valet automated system. It tracks everything from a guest’s luggage to flower deliveries and can track the steps of each employee, using that information to create a list of tasks and assign them to team members.

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Specialization the New Trend in Valet Technology

Technology at hotels, casinos, and residences

At a resort/casino or hotel site, valet operators need options and control mechanisms to accommodate guests, visitors, repeat customers, complicated rate schedules, high volume and large numbers of staff.

Automated Valet offers several hospitality-specific applications with its operating system. First, AVPM is completely compatible with hotel management systems, meaning guests can use their room keys or a Player’s Card to keep track of their vehicle. On the flip side, the hotel uses this integration to keep track of guests’ room charges and parking charges and offer only one bill at check out.

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City Park and Automated Valet® Team Up For Automatic Success

City Park

San Francisco is known for many things. The Golden Gate Bridge, The Haight-Ashbury district, Fisherman’s Wharf, and infamously difficult parking throughout the city. In a place where parking is a major challenge, City Park operates more than 75 sites serving 10,000 customers every day.

With 55 years in the business, City Park has contributed to the success of some major Bay Area venues including the Union Square Garage, Candlestick Park and the Transamerica Pyramid. City Park operates 10 of the largest hotels in San Francisco and handles parking for a majority of the city’s high end office buildings.

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2009 IPI Excellence Award

AVPM® receives Honorable Mention for Innovation in a Parking Operation category at the 2009 International Parking Institute Awards for Excellence.

With more than 1,900 attendees, the 2009 International Parking Institute Conference and Expo in Denver was a huge success for the entire industry. Automated Valet® participated as an exhibitor and prize winner taking home an IPI Award for Excellence Honorable Mention for its customized valet installation at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

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Cyberspace Changing the Business of Valet Parking

Huge changes in the way the world operates

The internet and digital technology have made huge changes in the way the world operates. It’s an understatement to say instant communication and the speedy transfer of any and all information has altered the landscape of commerce and hospitality. For the valet industry, these innovations increase the speed and accuracy of every function from reservations to payment to delivery.
But it’s not a given that these technologies will revolutionize valet parking as fast as they have changed the rest of the world. The challenge of making web-based and digital software compatible with valet service is to bridge the gap between information and endeavor.

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Calgary International Valet Operation Provides Speed and Service


Park2Go is an organization that goes to great lengths to keep its promises. The valet operation, which serves Calgary International Airport, promises to get customers from the offsite facility to their terminals in nine minutes. That means every aspect of their check-in procedure must be fine tuned for speed and service.

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Automated Valet and US Parking Create Custom Valet System for Luxury Condominium

Home Is Where the Car Is

Valet parking for a residential site comes with unique and difficult challenges. Because of the potential for familiarity and recurring use, residents’ attitudes and opinions about the service and convenience of the operation are vital for its success. The same familiarity that makes good service the most important factor for the resident can also increase the risk of diminished vigilance and lapses in protocol by the staff. Safeguards in the form of technology, equipment and procedures must be in place to keep residents happy and profits secure.

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