Facility Parking management Software


Monthly/contract parking

Online/Offline Validation Options

Employee access control

Roving Cashier

Pay by Phone

Count Monitoring

Credit Card on File

Extensive Customizable Reporting

Hotel Room Key Integration

Web reporting

Anti-Pass Back

Hotel PMS Posting Interface

Frequent Parker Program

Barcode Technology

Reservation system


Ticket Dispenser
AVPM® ticket dispensers are equipped with high speed printers and a built in omnidirectional 2D image scanner for use with printable media coupons/passes as well as electronic media from smart phone devices.

Access Control Unit (ACU)
AVPM® ACU fulfills a wide range of functional requirements for garages that have a demand for vehicle access control. It integrates various technologies to meet many demands with a built in camera to capture facial images of monthly/contract parkers, residents and employees.


Ticket in Credit Card Out (TICO)
AVPM® TICO Exit Stations are equipped with a credit card reader and receipt printer for easy and convenient in lane payments. The built in omnidirectional 2D image scanner allows for seamless integration with discount coupons, validations and electronic media from 3rd party reservation systems.

Optional Access Features Available with AVPM Entry and Exit Stations

Integrated Technologies

2D Image Scanner - AVPM® Omnidirectional 2D image scanner can read different barcode types including QR, 1D or 2D Barcodes on ID badges or smart phone images.

AVI Tag AVPM® automatic vehicle identification tags are ideal parking passes for luxury applications as garage access is quickly granted from extended ranges.

Prox Cards - AVPM® Proximity cards have proven to be an excellent cost effective solution for short range garage access requirements.


LPR-License Plate Recognition- AVPM® LPR Cameras can provide added security and revenue control to any parking operation.


Pay on Foot (POF) and Pay in Lane (PIL) Machines
AVPM® POF/PIL machines enables customers to process their parking fees without the aid of a cashier by automatically calculating and displaying fees, accepting validations and payments in coins or bank notes. Change can be provided in coins and dollar bills (optional) and provides patrons with a receipt of the transaction. Both valet and self-parking patrons can effectively process payments on AVPM POF/PIL machines.

Self Serve Kiosks
AVPM® Self-Serve Kiosks are available in iPad and PC based models. They are great for high traffic areas; it quickly calculates and displays parking fees, accepts validations and expedites payments with credit cards. Patrons can opt to receive their transaction receipt via email or print it from the kiosk. Both valet and self-parking patrons can make payments on this AVPM Self Serve Kiosks.


AVPM® Roving cashier option is unique and easy to use. Guests that cannot make a credit card payment in the lane equipment can call for a roving cashier from the intercom provided with the lane equipment. The roving cashier will use an iPhone/iPod handheld device to scan the guest parking ticket. The fee will be displayed by using one of AVPM® parking apps and once payment is received in cash the ticket will be validated. To exit the property guest will insert their paid parking ticket in the Exit Lane machine and the gate will open.


AVPM® damage control camera system takes 360° HD pictures and up to 30 frames per camera. It easily identifies pre-existing damage and offers a printable vehicles history report with pictures on-demand.


  • Integrated Valet and Self-Parking Payment Applications in One System
  • Credit Card on File for Monthly Parkers
  • Online Validation
  • Room Key Integration
  • Hotel PMS Posting Interface
  • Anti-Passback
  • Integrated Revenue Reports for Valet and Self-Parking in One System