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Innovative, Secure, and Efficient Solutions

Our Platform

Our versatile and robust platform seamlessly integrates with payment processors and third-party systems, ensuring operational efficiency while prioritizing data security and user privacy. Tailored to meet the unique demands of various parking operations, including airports, our comprehensive solutions include:

Self-Parking Platform

Streamline your parking experience with our efficient self-parking solutions.

Valet Parking Platform

Enhance customer service with our sophisticated valet parking management system.

Access Control Systems

Secure and manage access with our cutting-edge control systems.

Valet Mobile Application

Manage valet services on-the-go with our intuitive mobile app.

Residential and Monthly Parking Platform

Simplify residential and monthly parking with our dedicated platform.

PARCS Hardware Integration and Management

Seamlessly integrate and manage all your PARCS hardware.

Payment Processing Integration

Effortlessly handle payments with our integrated processing solutions.

Property Management System Integration

Ensure smooth operations with our property management system integration.

Third Party Reservation System Integration

Optimize parking reservations with advanced integration with third-party reservation systems.

Damage Control Cameras and Management

Protect assets with our comprehensive damage control camera systems.

License Plate Recognition Cameras and Registration

Enhance security and efficiency with our license plate recognition technology.

Automated AI Vehicle Recognition

Leverage AI for automated, accurate vehicle recognition.

Belldesk Application

Efficiently manage hotel guest requests for luggage handling and front desk services with our Belldesk Application. Designed to streamline hotel operations, it ensures timely and organized responses to guest needs, enhancing overall guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Our Hosting Environment

Our platform is hosted on a robust AWS cloud environment, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security for all our services. Discover how AVPMi can transform your parking operations with our innovative, secure, and efficient solutions.

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AVPMi valet service

About Us

AVPMi™ was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Sunrise, Florida. AVPMi™ is the premier provider of valet solutions across the USA and 12 countries in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. AVPMi™ Valet and Task Management integrated solutions are used at major airports, large resorts and casinos, hospitals, hotels, retail locations, downtown valet-assisted garages, and commercial and residential buildings. AVPMi's industry-leading “one platform, one notification system” provides intelligent live-monitoring, automation, management tools, revenue control, exportable metrics data, and digital workforce transformation services. AVPMi™ offers operators the flexibility of cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid hosting services, utilizing IoT and mobility, artificial intelligence, and security to optimize both their personalized customer experience and operations management of their business.

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